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Who was Maria Montessori?

Dr Maria Montessori’s objectives were to help children everywhere reach their maximum learning potential, while becoming well-balanced individuals able to cope with the emotional, social and practical pressures of modern-day living. Our role at Little Burrows Nursery is to encourage positive attitudes, to help create strong individuals and to provide the stimulus and inspiration for the child to learn and progress.


The essence of Montessori education is that every child is treated with respect, given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment, and allowed to develop naturally at his or her own pace. They choose from a wide range of self ­educating activities to assist this process, working at each for as long as their individual attention span will ensure success. The teachers will be on hand at all times to encourage, to answer questions, and to promote a harmonious environment in which to learn.

Our Nursery consists of several areas these are:

Practical Life: Here the children will learn skills that will help to develop their manipulative skills, co ordination, self esteem and social awareness.

The Cultural Activities:  Here the children learn about the world around them.

Language and Maths: Children in this area develop their skills in readiness for reading and writing.  Maths work includes number work, sorting and grading.

The Sensorial Activities: These will help your child to develop each of their senses, as well as setting the foundation for further maths work.

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