Funding and Fees



Funding is now available for some children aged 2 and each application is assessed by the Department for Work and Pensions. Our nursery does not have the authority to award funding, but we are always happy answer any questions. All hours not covered by funding are charged at £7 per hour.



(The term after your child turns 3)

All children are eligible for 15hours worth of funding from the term after they turn 3.  As we offer the funding for the full 38 weeks we are open. Some children may be eligible for and additional 15 hours worth of funding (30 hours in total).  This is dependant in each individual household and is not something the nursery is able to asses.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Please see below for more information.

All hours not covered by funding are charged at £7 per hour.

30 Hours Funding


Working parents/carers of 3 and 4 year olds across the country may be eligible for a further 15 hours free childcare in addition to the existing free 15 hours early education entitlement, if they meet the criteria below. 


At both Little Burrows Montessori Nursery settings we offer the additional 15 hours childcare for eligible parents/carers.


Qualifying criteria


Age of child

As with the existing 15 hours entitlement for 3 and 4 year olds, children become eligible for the additional 15 hours at the start of the school term after their third birthday. 


Definition of working parents

·       Both parents must be in work, as defined below, and for single parent families, the sole parent must be in work.

·       For the purposes of this scheme, 'in work’ is defined as being in employment (including self-employed) and earning more than the equivalent of the minimum wage for working 16 hours a week. As an example, the current minimum wage is £7.20 per hour for over 25s, so the minimum weekly income to be eligible would be £7.20 x 16 = £115.20.

·       Each parent must also earn less than £100,000 per year.

·       One parent must be 'in work' if the other receives disability benefit or benefits related to caring responsibilities.

Please visit:

Please ensure you apply for the code by the cut off date stated on the website to ensure you have eligibility for the coming term.  This is parents responsibility and not something nursery staff have any control over.  If a code is not valid for this term then parents are responsible for fees in full.

To apply for your code please click here:

Childcare Vouchers

Little Burrows Montessori Nurseries accept all recognised childcare vouchers as way of part payment of fees.

Lunch and Snack 

The nursery provides lunch and all snacks (including milk) during the day.  This is provided at an additional cost which will be added to the invoice.

Morning Snack and Lunch: £3.50

Afternoon Snack: £1.00